Stop Thief!


Stop Thief has been in existence with different members for over ten years. The most recent incarnation of Stop Thief has been known for performing a wide variety of music that pleases listeners of all ages. Stop Thief shows feature an energetic and entertaining mix of easily recognized popular music for the enjoyment of crowds, ranging from happy-hour patrons, to wedding reception guests. Stop Thief's mixture of cover songs has been drawn from such diverse genres as 80's and 90's pop, classic and modern rock, Motown, and old-school R&B, with a dash of hip-hop thrown in for good measure. As a result, Stop Thief has the ability to engage diverse audiences, which makes them an ideal band for local venues, private parties and corporate functions.

Based in Northern Virginia, Stop Thief's membership is derived from across the greater Washington DC metro area. Jon Stewart was born and raised in Washington, DC. He uses his position as the lead vocalist and dynamic frontman to not only project smooth, soulful melodies, but also the energy and power of rock and roll with each performance he delivers. Andy Charest hails from Springfield, VA. As the band's lead guitarist, he provides the needed sounds that range from the delicate, on songs by such artists as U2 and The Temptations, to the powerful, on tunes by such bands as Journey and Bon Jovi. Cate Cooper adds great depth to the band's sound on rhythm guitar, keyboards and support vocals, as she also alternates with Jon on lead vocals with songs from such diverse artists as Michael Jackson, INXS and The Cranberries. Mike Radosh on bass and Steve Jordan on drums complete the band with their solid, foundational rhythms, which help Stop Thief to set the mood for audience members who want to slow dance, or to get on their feet for more energetic 'getting down!' To learn more about Stop Thief, check out the rest of this website!